Accelerating Growth Seminar

Manama, May 17 (BNA): Leaders Institute for Training & Development hosted “Accelerating Growth” seminar, presented by Simerjeet Singh, International motivational speaker, guide, coach and catalyst challenging individuals and trainees to take action on the things that truly matter at work and in their personal lives.

Ghaleb AlOaraibi, Leaders MD said: “This seminar addresses and serves the business sector, the service sector, the health care sector, government and non-profit organizations”.

On an individual level, the seminar is targeting businessmen, executives, business development managers, as well as sales, marketing and customer service staff all to be introduced to the latest practices related to Accelerating Growth.

The first session tackled understanding ‘the shift’: What is changed in the current business scenario and the mind-set adaption required to succeed in the ever changing environment.

The second session was about Decoding Internal Resistance to Change: understanding our primal human instincts – safety and certainty and our natural tendency to be risk averse and to resist change.

The third session discussed ways to appreciate ones remarkable ability to adapt when the circumstances call for it and how to harness this latent force.

Simerjeet is an international motivational speaker and life coach. He has a certification in NLP Practice from UK and is a Certified Personal Performance Coach. He has a history of global travels that go back to over a decade in time, and have contributed to his wisdom and learning in the area of people management, life skills and motivation. He is characterized by his ability to develop and help people realize their true potential through his keynote speeches, motivational talks and workshops.

سينغ: الأساليب الإدارية الحديثة تنمي العمل المؤسسي التجاري

أكد المتحدث والمدرب العالمي سمرجيت سينغ خلال ندوة «النمو المتزايد» على أهمية زيادة نمو وتطور المؤسسات التجارية عبر الأساليب الإدارية الحديثة، والتي من شأنها الارتقاء بالعمل المؤسسي التجاري.
وتناول المتحدث العالمي، في الندوة ثلاثة محاور رئيسية، تطرق في المحور الأول إلى فهم «التحول»، أي ماهو التغيير الذي حصل في سيناريو الأعمال التي تقوم عليه المؤسسات حالياً، وماهو التكيف المطلوب في العقليات المديرة لاستمرارية النجا