Many felt that it saved a lot of effort and helped them play more often with their dogs without fatiguing themselves in the process. Reviewers commented on how this toy didn’t place any strain on their arms or shoulders, helping them play and bond with their pet for a long time. Some also liked the flexibility of the product as it helps them throw longer distances with less effort. But some users felt that the lifespan of this device is not very long, and the inner rubber band has a tendency to break when overused.

  • However, it might surprise you to learn that your dog’s favorite play toy could be harmful to his health.
  • But with supervised play and limited time, tennis balls can be given to your dog.
  • These dog tennis balls add an entire new twist to games of fetch and feature heavily as top picks in ourbest dog toys guide.
  • I would go so far as to say that tennis balls are one of the most popular dog toys around.
  • Tennis balls are popular for dogs, but they aren’t very good for their health.
  • Many launchers, both manual and automatic, can use ordinary tennis balls in addition to proprietary balls but be sure to check before purchase.

A pup who likes to remove all the insides and then eat it? Give your doggie the pleasure of a soft toy without the fear of heading to the hospital. Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you have to cancel fetch. Indoor ball is lightweight, durable, and perfect for any indoor play.

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This is a high performance ball, designed to allow airflow into dogs’ lungs enabling them to breathe while running & fetching. Available as a medium or large ball and compatible with both sizes of the ChuckIt launcher. Ever wondered why dogs love the sound of squeaky toys? The squeak resembles that of a scared or injured prey. All of their natural leather products are free of any chemicals and artificial colours or flavours, making this toy not only durable but safe.

These unique squeaky plush toys are a great gift idea for that friend who has a favorite beverage. From vodka and beer to La Croix, dogs can join their owner for a “dogmestic” or “impawted” drink.

There is nothing better, for you or your dog, than getting that email saying your box is on the way. Your pups just seem to know that box full of toys and treats is for them. This way, you never have a shortage of new toys for your pup.

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It is shaped like a stick, and thanks to a unique core, even crunches like a stick (but doesn’t break) when your dog chews it. This one is for all those water-loving retrievers out there! Grabbing a shoreside stick is great and all, but sharp points and flaking can pose some serious health and safety concerns for your dog, including lacerations or choking. The Kong Training Dummy is made specifically for games of aquatic fetch.

At this stage, your canine friend has boundless energy and its tooth and jaw strength are at their peak so hardier toys are advisable. It is important to note that chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, so do not punish them for it. Just mitigate it by choosing an effective chew toy for your canine buddy. Dog toys for heavy chewers are actually a safety precaution that pooch owners should consider.

With little effort each Ultra Ball will bounce high up for your dog to catch, and what’s more they float too! The ball is also easy to clean so you can always keep it in good condition. Buy Now on AmazonFrom launchers to throwers to automated dispensers, there’s no shortage of ball throwing assistants on the market.

Generally, rubber toys last longer than their stuffed counterparts. Combining all these factors we have decided that the KONG is the best choice for most power chewers. If you are chuckit looking for a great all-around toy that can offer hours of fun for you and your pup, this is definitely the way to go. Absolutely, we recommend you wash your dog’s toys regularly.

My dog Audrey was fascinated with this toy from the moment it was unwrapped. It’s slightly too big for her, which makes for some goofy poses and comedic struggles, but she still proudly brings it from room to room to show it off. It’s tough enough for powerful chewing and, after several months, has avoided the violent fate of other plush toys. It’s also still soft enough for some light fetch inside our Brooklyn apartment without breaking anything .

While we found the orange ball easier to locate under shrubs and in long grass, our dogs appeared to find the blue one easier. Still, it’s nice to have a spare on hand – balls are like pens, they always go missing.

Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog, and a good floating dog toy can make every swim into a fun and exciting game. The durable nylon fabric is tough enough to stand up to dogs that fetch hard, and the larger squeaker ball is sure to get your dog excited. Its soft rubber design makes the Gourdo easy to pick up and gentle on the teeth and gums. Although it is a great fetch toy, it can also make for a pretty fun game of tug.

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I don’t know why but dogs especially seem to love plush hedgehogs — every dog I know seems to have a hedgehog toy. They’ll like it a lot, and even after they rip the stuffing out they’ll still want to play with it. You can even fill it with treats as a fun puzzle for your pup, though Reggie’s perfectly happy chasing it in its empty state around our — sorry, his — home. Perfect for little doggies or puppies who are teething, and the cotton fibers clean teeth as they play.

This indestructible, hard, plastic egg is perfect for dogs that tend to wreck their toys too easily. If they can’t get their mouth around it, they can’t bite it. It doesn’t fly as far as a typical frisbee or fetch toy, making it ideal for short-range fetch in the lake.

There’s also an indoor version of the Chuckit’s rubber balls that I’ve seen in the apartments of many of Reggie’s dog friends. This one was more for me than Reggie, because I get a kick every time he chomps down on Mr. Bill and Mr. Bill exclaims “Oh Noooooooooo! The Super Tug is made with a very strong, marine grade bungee cord so your dog can play tug-of-war all day without any issue. This toy is designed to hold up against even the most powerful dogs, but works just as well with the little guys. If your pup loves to join you on the couch for Star Wars marathons, be sure she has her own soft and fuzzy Chewbacca to snuggle with. Also perfect for playtime, Chewy’s rope body can handle some light chewing.