Sunshine Coast wellness administrator faces brand new strangulation cost over July assault allegation

Dr Piotr Swierkowski is accused of getting a “protracted” reputation for domestic physical physical violence.

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A senior Queensland wellness administrator will continue to be in custody for the 3rd evening after authorities laid yet another strangulation cost against him.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and wellness provider administrator manager of medical solutions Piotr Swierkowski, that has been stood down on complete pay, was faced with strangulation and suffocation pertaining to two so-called domestic physical violence incidents.

Their bail application hearing resumed in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Wednesday, after it absolutely was adjourned on Tuesday.

The court heard on Monday the 43-year-old dad of four admitted to police he had put a dressing gown over their spouse’s lips to muffle the noise of her yelling during an so-called incident earlier that evening but denied choking, strangling or suffocating her.

Dr Swierkowski ended up being delivered to the dock in a police view home uniform.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant David Bradley told the court ukrainian brides photos the strangulation that is new associated with an so-called incident on July 10, but that the cost ended up being set because of the so-called suffocation offense that happened on Monday.

Senior Sergeant Bradley stated authorities would continue steadily to object to bail.

“the truth continues to get more powerful,” he said.

The court heard Dr Swierkowski’s wife had pictures regarding the accidents allegedly caused on 10 july.

Senior Sergeant David Bradley read aloud section of a declaration through the complainant.

“He loses control and hurts me personally. It is gotten a whole lot even even worse within the year that is past” his spouse stated within the declaration.

Senior Sergeant Bradley then read out loud a declaration from Dr Swierkowski, where the defendant stated he previously “stuffed up”.

“we have had problems for a time,” he stated within the declaration.

“I’ve delivered her three texts that are sorry. It really is occurred before, yet not to the level.”

Dr Swierkowski stayed silent within the dock through the hearing, either looking down or right ahead, however straight during the general public gallery.

He had been represented by attorney Anna Smith, whom told the court her client had no criminal background, an impeccable work history plus an otherwise good history that is personal.

” when it comes to the strangulation fee which was set today, there clearly was no previous authorities problem,” she stated.

The court heard the October 8 suffocation fee linked to a so-called domestic physical violence event at the household’s Buderim household.

Senior Sergeant Bradley said the complainant suggested her intention to go out of the home before rejecting Dr Swierkowski’s unwelcome intimate advances.

Picture Dr Swierkowski had been stood down as head of Sunshine Coast general general public medical solutions.

He alleged Dr Swierkowski grabbed their wife, who had a case in her own hand and had been all set to her cousin’s household.

Senior Sergeant Bradley stated Dr Swierkowski covered her face with a dressing gown and caused her to struggle to breathing.

He stated the alleged incident stopped after 10 moments.

The court heard their spouse sustained accidents and bruising to her jaw and face.

Senior Sergeant Bradley stated the accidents had been completely in keeping with a study through the spouse’s GP.

“The pictures will also be totally constant,” he stated.

“we now have a protracted, documented reputation for domestic physical physical violence. Two offences in a time that is short in keeping with increasing physical physical violence.

“With domestic violence behavior such as this, where both allegations are brutal, there was virtually no purchase causes it to be appropriate to give bail. You’ll find nothing when you look at the temporary to state he will not make an effort to contact the complainant.”

Prosecution ‘based on hearsay’

Ms Smith said the complainant sustained restricted injuries, would not lose awareness additionally the offending that is alleged just momentary.

She stated the prosecution had relied on a police statement through the complainant’s sis, that has been hearsay.

” It could be unjust to reject bail for a declaration that can not be utilized to show costs,” she stated.

“Should your honour does oppose bail, there is certainly likely to be a substantial danger to her while the four kiddies all under the chronilogical age of 12 who head to personal schools. He could be the single earner, she doesn’t work.

” He has a lot to lose if you don’t provided bail . it might be a detriment with other methods and consumers.

“there was a risk that is real if he’s maybe perhaps perhaps not issued bail he are going to be serving an unjustified duration in custody.”

Ms Smith stated if her customer was launched he would stick with their sibling in Brisbane.

Dr Swierkowski’s bail application is anticipated to be selected Thursday.

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